Saturday, May 3, 2014

Blog Post #11

My Personal Development Plan (PDP) and Personal Learning Network (PLN)

Personal Development Plan Outline Picture
My PDP that I have developed consists of incorporating more technology into my lesson plans for math. As I have learned a lot in EDM 310 and EDM 510, I am finding new ways to use technology when teaching math. I realize as I move toward becoming a certified teacher that it is a must that I understand that there is a lot of new technology emerging each day and my students will know about it even if I don't. So, to better prepare myself and my students for an unpredictable future I need to embrace the changing technology and be cognizant of new teaching strategies. With changes in technology comes changes in people. As the student changes, the teacher needs to change also. My PDP allows for such changes. In Project Based Learning, your teaching and the students' learning should be based on current things that they understand. Understanding this allows for me to create challenging yet fun lesson plans. I will use what's out there to help my students learn as this is what my personal development plan has taught me and continues to teach me. I will be prepared for the future.

Personal Learning Network Collage
My PLN is continuing to expand. I have a network of teachers that are part of my PLN. I have found so many new teachers through searching the web and they have also come to me through shared experiences like the NCTM (National Conference of Teachers of Mathematics). I am continuing to follow several educators on twitter. I have checked out many teachers blogs and have asked them to be a part of my PLN and they have agreed. I have commented on students' and teachers' blogs from around the world and will visit these blogs again. I have found several new mathematics resources that I will definitely be using in the classroom. So, I would gather to say that I have a pretty extensive PLN now and it continues to grow everyday. The students that I have taken this class with and are or will be teachers are part of my PLN. My instructors at this University are part of my PLN. My PLN is a neverending wealth of resources and I am happy to say that I appreciate every person in it.

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