Tuesday, March 11, 2014

C4T Rotating Summary 1

Rotating Teachers C4T Summary

For my first rotating C4T I commented on a posting by Andrea Kerr. I introduced myself to her and she had just completed a project on exponents so I commented on that. I commented on how I loved that she encouraged group activities as it gets students to teach each other, thus reinforcing what they have learned. I also mentioned how I liked the fact that she used fun games to introduce or help provide a deeper understanding of topics like exponentials. That was the basis of my comment for Andrea.

For my second rotating C4T I commented on a posting by Mary Worrell. She had a posting on multigenre projects and because I hadn't completed one before I commented on how what they are learning would be useful for higher education. She had made some mistakes on a project like this in the past and had learned from her mistakes. I commented about how teachers should also be learning even if it is from what is done right and wrong. That summarizes my comment for Mary.

Picture of makeymakey project using paper to play PacMan
For my third and fourth rotating C4T I commented on a posting by Eric Langhorst. I got him two weeks in a row and I don't believe that was intentional but nonetheless, here are my summaries. My first summary of Mr. Langhorst is about the Makey Makey project and the industrial revoltution. It was a great post about how the students invented/made a virtual keyboard using Makey Makey. He used this project to show them how people invented stuff during the industrial revolution. It was a great post, with great pictures. My second summary of Mr. Langhorst is again on his use of technology for inventions. I commented on how I was happy that we had a teacher that encouraged their students to be inventors. They were again working with Makey Makey and other tools like that so it was not much more to say. Again, it was a good post.
Picture of bananas used to act as a makeymakey keyboard

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