Tuesday, March 11, 2014

C4T Semester Long Assigned by Dr. Strange #1

Dr. Strange Semester Long C4T Summary 1

My semester long teacher that I will leave comments on is Will Richardson. He always has interesting posts but I will summarize my comments left on his posts. In my first comment I commented on a posting about Discovery "Double Talk". I talked about how I, unlike some others, see and understand that a lot of teachers think they know what is best for the students and the truth is they are a lot of the times, clueless. I commented on how he was correct when he said that "our" better assessments, curriculum, and uses of technology are not transferring ownership of learning to children. I described that teachers are pushing more of what they want and not looking at what will probably be beneficial for the student. I concluded that we should be providing better ways for students to learn what they need to survive in the 21st century.

My second comment for Will was on "How Common is the Common Core?" This posting was very controversial and thus I had to include my input. I basically stated that the common core, although meant to be a good thing, still isn't very common. I summed up by stating that without having the same resources all over, you cannot have a common core curriculum that works well for all.

Picture of a robot family
My third comment for Will was on "A World Upended…Get Ready". This article was basically about people making a decision about the future who would not be around then. We are talking about a total digital world. I stated that it was scary for our children and our children's children. I stated that the people that will be retiring are the people that are making these unscrupulous decisions about education and are basically eliminating a livable future for their children. I stated that the balance is leaving and as such, you could see this first world America become just like a third world country. I summed it up by stating that we could see a robotic world as predicted.

My fourth comment for Will was on "SAT as Scandal". I commented on how the article showed how our education system in America was failing us. I stated that the SAT would never be a good test because the education is not the same. I stated that students think they know what they need to know and are prepared but that may not be the truth. I summed it up by stating that, as educators, and parents we need to advocate for the dissolution of the standardized tests because no educational experience is standardized.

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