Tuesday, March 11, 2014

C4T Semester Long Chosen by Me #1

Ramsey Willis Semester Long C4T Summary 1

The teacher I decided to select for my semester long C4T is Dave Sladkey. My first summary comes from a post on "8 Ways to Incorporate Empathy into Your Teaching". That post showed how to get involved with your students and show them that you care about them. I commented on how I particularly liked his section on getting the parents involved by calling early. I stated that by doing this, you can quickly determine which parents will truly be involved with their child's education. That was the basis of my first comment on Mr. Sladkey's post.

My second comment for Mr. Sladkey was a continuation from the first comment. Dave commented back so I commented in response to his comment. I stated that I know calling home early to all of his students could be difficult but it seems like he is on the right track. I also stated that I am glad that he sees the value in a triangle relationship. That was the basis for the second comment.

My third comment for Mr. Sladkey was a comment on his and his students use of Desmos.com. I stated that I loved the way he made learning functions and graphs fun for the students by using this online calculator. I told him that I viewed a number of them and could see the creativity in his students. I stated that they were all different and all interesting in their own way. I also shared that this seemed like something I may be able to do with my classroom in the future. It was a fun posting but interesting as well as useful for a math teacher. That sums of that comment.
Happy Face created using math formulas on Des-man

My fourth comment for Mr. Sladkey again involves Desmos.com. I stated to Dave that I am subbing and have shared the Desmos.com opportunity with a group of juniors. I stated how they enjoyed helping me figure out how to create a face on there and, although time consuming, it was fun. I went on to thank Dave for his inspiration and that sums up this comment.

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