Tuesday, April 22, 2014

C4K Summary Post #3

Summary for Josh

Picture of Students at Pt. England school ready for FiaFia Night

Josh made a video explaining their FiaFia night. I commented on how I enjoyed hearing about their FiaFia night. I exclaimed that although I didn't know what a FiaFia night was, it appeared to be a lot of fun. I commented on some of his moves were and told him to be careful because he might hurt someone. I told him it was a great video and they were all great actors. That is the summary of my comment left for Josh.

Summary for Myztique
Picture of a group getting ready for a dance for FiaFia night

Myztique wrote a blog post about her experience at the FiaFia. I stated that it sounds like she had a lot of fun at the FiaFia. It also appeared that her family was very supportive of her dancing. I stated that she must have danced really well at the FiaFia. I finished by stating that I am glad that she enjoyed FiaFia and believe it is the best. I told her that is what enjoying life is all about!

Summary for Taiaha
Picture of a big black whale drawn by Taiaha

Taiaha wrote a poem about a big black whale. Before we could get to the poem, I commented on the design of his blog. He had drawn a nice looking car and I told him I was a big "fast car" fan myself. I told him his poem was excellently written and I especially liked when he said "And the sailors look pale, When they hear his tail, Go bang, bang, bang". I told him it painted a vivid picture and made the poem come alive. I told him it was a great poem and great picture! He did a great job!

Summary for Danielle
Picture of kids at a camp in New Zealand

Danielle told a story about the camp. I commented on how I loved listening to her camp story. I told her that I would like some of that yummy food she mentioned. I also stated that it sounds like the children had fun at the pool. I told her this was an excellent post and she did a good job.

Summary for Inez
Picture of fruits and vegetables and the words Healthy Eating

Inez wrote a post on why eating healthy food is so important. I commented on how I really enjoyed reading her post. I stated that she gave such great details on why eating healthy is so important I didn't know why anyone wouldn't. I also stated that it looked like she had really done her research and it showed. I told her that this was a well written post and she did a wonderful job.

Summary for Amethyst
Picture of Amethyst's game of Cops and Robbers

Amethyst's post contained a link to a game called cops and robbers that she played so I commented on that post. I actually played the game and found the robber in 6 moves. I told her it was a little confusing at first because I didn't know what the numbers represented but once I determined that they were telling me how far I was from the robber, it made it somewhat easier to find the robber. I told her this was a great learning tool especially if you are discussing distance in your class. I thanked her for posting the link!

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  1. I loved the FiaFia night images and write ups. I would like to be there and see that. :) We do things like that with my first graders as well, and it's always fun to incorporate the arts into education, especially dance!