Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Project #8 Teaching Digital Natives Conversational Book Review

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  1. I am so glad you did this collaboratively. I think EDM510 should have a great deal more collaborative possibilities. If I teach it again (I will partner with Dr. Ed Lomax this summer) I will make every effort to meet with the class at least twice and seek ways for more collaboration among students. Think about what else should be done to improve EDM310. I shall be asking for help soon.

    Now to your report -

    Student as researcher - a world changer
    Curiosity sparked
    Student as self teacher - a life long learner

    Teacher as a coach - a guide
    Develop the students' passions

    Never set the bar low!

    Benefits of partnering:
    Develop critical thinking skills
    Question things
    In depth knowledge
    Real world connected
    Arranging the classroom - but not coked down tables like the ones in front of you when you made the video.

    You are correct. It is hard for both teachers and students to change. Critical however.

    Coaches want competition!

    Technology is only a tool. A powerful tool. But the focus is learning! Learning by doing - with the best tools available!

    Very well done. A delight to listen to. A real conversation!

    Nominated post of the week. That's it!