Sunday, April 6, 2014

C4T Semester Long Chosen by Me Summary Post #2

C4T Semester Long Chosen by Me Summary Post #2

Picture of a House and a yard covered in snow
For my first comment on Dave Sladkey's posts, I commented on a post called: "What is the Weight of the Snow You Shoveled this Winter?". It was appealing to me because I am originally from the North and remember those shoveling days. It was interesting to know that according to Dave's calculations he had shoveled 14 tons of snow. I basically commented on how I remembered shoveling snow like that and how I thought it would be a great project for high school children. That sums up my comment on Dave's post.

Picture of Ice Conference 2014 Logo that states Connect to Learn
For my second comment on Dave Sladkey's posts, I commented on a post called: "ICE Conference 2014". In this post Dave went to a conference and provided information on several resources for teachers. I stated that after reading on how to use all of that technology that was presented at the conference, I wished I was there. I also tried one of the links that he had provided and could see how that could be useful in a high school Algebra I class. It was a game involving math, but it was fun and addictive. It encourages learning and seeing patterns in math. He also gave information on products like SMART LightRaise and how to use it and stated it was much cheaper than the actual SMARTboard but just as useful. I thanked him for all of this information and told him it was a very informative post.

Picture of a 3D version of the Geogebra Logo
For my third comment on Dave Sladkey's posts, I commented on a post called: "Geogebra: The Unit Circle and the Reference Angle." I commented on how I had learned a lot about the new forms of Math Technology because of his posts. I told him that I tried it, using his example, and I also downloaded Geogebra and would find a way to incorporate it into our curriculum. I stated that I will continue to play with it and try to determine what type of lesson plans can be created with Geogebra. I told him if he had any suggestions, I would be happy to hear them. I thanked him introducing me to this wonderful tool and told him I look forward to learning a lot more from him.

Picture of Google Drive Logo
For my fourth comment on Dave Sladkey's posts, I commented on a post called: "Google Drive! What are you waiting for Math Teachers?". I commented on how I hadn't used Google Drive the way he had described it in his post. I gave the reasons why which included not having my own classroom yet and not understanding how to use Google Drive properly. I told him that I did not know that all of those things could be accomplished with Google Drive and using it just makes your job as a teacher that much easier. I finally stated that although I don't have my own classroom yet, I can still start adding files to my Google Drive that my students will use. I stated that I could just do like he said and label my folders so the students know where to go to find material. That was my comment for this post.

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