Tuesday, April 29, 2014

C4T Rotating Summary Post #3

C4T for Dorothy Burt

Picture that states Digital vs Print
This is a summary of a blog posting by Dorothy Burt called, "Longevity of The Essay". I started out by stating that I would like to center my comment on the speakers point that the biggest challenge will be "the ability to discern between quality information and what is just elegantly styled trash" on the web. I continued by stating that a student's ability to do this will be evidence that they have a grasp on what they should be learning and understand it well enough to defend their position with scholarly evidence. He stated that "...the skills we learn in the future will have less to do with style and rote and much more to do with intelligently assessing and communicating an understanding of a very wide range of communicative media". I said, isn't that the purpose of learning? Shouldn't we understand and be able to communicate what we have learned using any available resource. I finalized it by stating that I believe he has a very good point but to stay ahead of the curve, we must first catch up!

C4T for Steve Wheeler

Black and White picture of a community building a barn together
This is a summary of a blog posting by Steve Wheeler called, "It takes a village". I started by stating that this was a very interesting post because it brings one to think about what we have gone away from. I stated that in education and in society in general, the community has become an online one but is this always for the best? Is there something to be said about a close knit small community? I stated that things got done because people shared and shared just about everything. There was no secrecy and basically no privacy but the end goal of all was the same; to maintain and support the community. I stated that I see, in this digital age, a community of building up and tearing down and no filters. At least in the small community, there were filters which may have kept peace. I state that if we were living in a "good" world I could see this online community as a way to make this world a remarkable place. But, as it stands today with all of the deceitfulness, cheating, and stealing, this world is wicked and it is extremely hard to have a solid trustworthy community. I ended by stating that we need to create a village, a safe one that will allow all to share and grow. Have any ideas?

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