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C4T Semester Long Chosen by Dr. Strange Summary #2

C4T Semester Long Chosen by Dr. Strange Summary #2

Picture of boring looking classroom
My first comment on Will Richardson's posts was on a post called: Classrooms as “Shapeless and Unmoored”. The post basically talked about how the classroom was like a corporation and how it was bounded and creating a future that was "shapeless and unmoored". I commented on how I worked in the business world for over 10 years and experienced some of the rejection for trying to come up with something new. I stated that I did not want a classroom like that. I wanted a classroom where students felt free to come up with new ideas and have those ideas actually be investigated. I stated that the change needs to start in the classroom and then maybe the corporations would "wake up and smell the coffee". That was the basis of that comment.

Picture of textbooks and pencils and rulers and Common Core typed at the bottom
My second comment on Will Richardson's posts was on a post called: "The Text Focused Common Core". The post basically showed how the common core was a text based curriculum and Will stated that if we are to move forward, we can't be stuck on just learning reading text. I mentioned how this was interesting because it excludes learning styles and if common core wants to focus on keeping every student at the same level, it needs to consider different learning styles. I talked about how I, as an adult, know how to read and enjoys reading certain things but preferred visual or auditory learning. I also stated that Common Core could not solely be text based unless they were trying to exclude those that learn differently, thus being not so common.

My third comment on Will Richardson's post was on a post called: "One Mom’s Struggle With School and Tests". I provided a link to this one because my comment is quite lengthy as I discuss what it is like to be a parent, with children at different levels, a pre-service teacher having to teach using the methods that, to me, aren't working and empathize with the mom of this article, as she is really struggling with our educational system. I explain how I have had some of the same struggles she is having but her daughter is just 7 and mine is 15. I also explain how we need to change but I assure her, change is coming because I cannot just stand around and watch our children's future dwindle away. It is a long comment but, I assure you, worth it to read.

Image of PISA/OECD Logo
My fourth comment on Will Richardson's post was on a post called: "The Limitations of PISA". I commented on what I felt PISA was all about, a tool for the United States. I stated that it was a tool used to identify intelligence in other countries. I stated that it was not testing for the things that really matter but that was ok. I stated that the smart students come to the US and create or work for those that have created and leave their countries in the dark. I went on to say that some students give back to their country but they are still making money for and inventing for America. So, why continue the use of PISA? Why wouldn't we if it is working. To me, I commented PISA has done exactly what the US has intended and the OECD wouldn't change anything that might harm this program. I couldn't say that PISA was not working the way it was intended to work because it was. I summed it up by saying that the US has found a great tool, and they don't plan to give it up anytime soon.

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