Saturday, April 5, 2014

C4T Rotating Summary Post #2

Rotating Teacher's Summary #2

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For my C4T comment on a post by David Warlick, I decided to comment on a post he wrote called "Welcome to 2024". In this post David kind of explained what it would be like to come back from 2024 and end up in 2014 at a conference. I asked a lot of interesting questions about what the future would be like to get him and readers thinking about the future. That pretty much summed up my comment on David's Welcome to 2024 posting.

For my C4T comment on a post by Jenny She, I decided to comment on a post she wrote called "Having a Go at Photography". Mrs. She took photos of flowers and I commented on how beautiful they were. I told her that she has inspired me to starting taking pictures again as I enjoy it and used to in the past. She stated that she didn't have an expensive camera so she took pictures with her iPhone. I don't have an expensive camera either, so we just have to do the best with what we have.

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For my C4T comment on a post by Lee Kolbert, I decided to comment on a post she wrote called "Why I Deleted Foursquare, and Why You Should, Too!". She spoke about how 4square had changed their privacy policy and that everything you would do on there would be available for the public to see. So, she decided to delete her account with 4square knowing that the old activity would remain private. I commented on how I had my doubts about posting anything on the internet that identifies my location and have always tried to turn that feature off. I also stated that after seeing what she had done with the little information she had how I could only imagine how easy it must be for a criminal. I commended her on deleting her foursquare account and stated that I hope all that have read your post has learned something from her. I summed it up by saying to all of the social media users out there: "Be careful, Don't Be a Victim!"

Picture of It's Complicated Book Cover
For my C4T comment on a post by Steven Anderson, I decided to comment on a post he wrote called "Things That Have Me Thinking-March 28". In this post Steven wrote about a book called "It's Complicated", Edcamp USDOE and, Blogging as Publishing. In my comment, I stated what I was thinking about and that was what we had wrote about in his blog. I told him that I think I may want to go to Edcamp USDOE to see if anyone shares my ideas and learn a little (or a lot). I also stated that I too, thought that we should know what is going on in the life of a teen, so reading "It's Complicated" or even interviewing your students was a good thing to do. I told him about my experiences as a substitute teacher and stated that I have found out a lot and plan to use that when I start teaching next year. I told him that we blog so I am use to that but I would invite my students to create blogs also and share them with the world. That was a summary of my comment on Steven Anderson's post.

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