Saturday, April 5, 2014

Project #7

ALEX-Alabama Learning Exchange

Please visit my Google Site, Rambo's Fun Page where you will find 6 pdf's found on ALEX. You will find objectives/content standards for Technology Education, Algebra I, and Geometry. You will also see a PDF of my Personal Workspace with the 5 lesson plans that I have bookmarked. You will see full details for two lesson plans that I bookmarked. These two lesson plans are "When Will Mr. "X" meet Miss "Y"" and "Parent Functions and Their Children". All of these PDF items can be downloaded from my website. Enjoy!


  1. Hi Ramsey,

    I visited your webpage and viewed your 6 pdf's. You did a great job completing all of the components of the ALEX assignment.

    Anastasia Martin

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  3. Above comment removed because of a punctuation error.

    How useful will ALEX be to you as a teacher?

    Well done!